Roronoa Zoro Sword Techniques

roronoa zoro technic
Technic Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro is a swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirate Group. It uses the fighting style santoryuu (3 swords) and aspires to be the strongest swordsman in the world.

*** Science is the technique of swordsmanship kyuutouryuu nine sword illusion.

* Ashura Ichibugin (silver mist) Zoro turned into a god Ashura (has 3 hands) and seemed to control the nine swords (three hands of the right, three left hands and three mouth). It has a tremendous destructive force. Was first used against Kaku CP9.
* Oni Giri (demon exterminator) Zoro two swords crossed in front of his chest and moving forward rapidly, the mouth of the sword that will give great damage. Was first used against Cabaji.
* Tora Gari (tiger hunter), Zoro holds his sword and swung parallel to the mouth down. Was first used when fighting a cat brothers, Buchi and Sham.
* Santoryuu Ougi: San-Zen-Kai-Se (the ins and outs of a secret three swords: 3000 world) Zoro holding a sword and brings together both then rotate it rapidly. Zoro then stormed the enemy very quickly in a position like this. Many say if this moment is the strongest stance Zoro. This stance is taken twice, first as against Mihawk, and the second time against OZ.
* Tourou Nagashi (Blood Wolf) A counter-attack. Zoro rotating the body to avoid an attack, then two swords which block after Zoro lunged forward. First used against Hachi.
* Tatsu Maki (Round Wind dragon) Zoro resulting spin with his sword out wind up like a dragon. First used against Hachi. Injuries caused no casualties in the attack unless it moves.
* Yaki Oni Giri (the fire demon exterminator) Same as Oni Giri, but this time Zoro's sword on fire, first used in the story of Little Garden.
* Ushi Bari (ramming bull) Zoro directed to the opponent's sword hand and formed like a bull, then thrust his sword into the enemy many times in the end the sword attack in the mouth. First used against Dazz Bones or Mr.1
* Gazami Dori (crab claws) All swords Zoro directed parallel and lead to such enemies will behead. Used when fighting Mr.1
* Hyaku Hachi Pound Hou (Meriam 108 pounds) is the same as 36 pounds hou this time using 3 sword. Used when the preacher against Ohm.
* Karasuma Gari (Hunter Crow) Zoro jumped up and sort out the targets quickly. Used when attacked dozens of cannons. Although including the "splitting of iron", this attack is not IAI. Used against Franky family.
* Gyuuki Yuzume (Devil's Claw cow death) Zoro directing his sword into the enemy and struck with great force, is used when fighting captain T-Bone. This attack illustrates the Devil Cow.
* Enbima Yonezu Onigiri (Satan blow Beautiful) Just as oni giri, but when Zoro uses this jutsu, sword like the winding, and conjures up images of the devil in the vicinity. Effect of crooked sword that is greater damage to the enemy and attacked a wider range.
* Yasha Garashu (raven claw devil) Zoro quickly used when attacking targets to fight this attack illustrates oz crow demon.
* Science 9 sword (Kyutoryu) is the science that uses swords Zoro devil in him and make a shadow to be 9 sword.
* Kiki Kyutoryu-Asura-science that is used to change phase from a kyutoryu santoryu.
* Asura Ichibugin first technique used in stage kyutoryu Zoro, Zoro holds the ninth sword, jump toward the opponent and slashes at the opponent in conjunction with the ninth sword.
* Makyuusen Asura Zoro slashes the opponent with a ninth sword with rotating so as to form like a circle.

roronoa zoro technic
Technic Roronoa Zoro
*** Science is the science of swordsmanship swordsmanship using two swords.

* Nigori Zake (thrust power of 2 arm) Zoro's arm muscles tighten and release the incredible power hard drive. Used against Kaku from CP9.
* Taka Nami (wave hawk) while they were in the air, Zoro create wind through the two sword attacks. Was first used against Hachi.
* Sai Kuru (Cycle / Invasion rhinoceros) Zoro holding two swords navigate up and spin. Similar to the Tatsu Maki. Used against Franky family.
* Nitouryuu IAI: Rashoumon (Science wielding two swords: Rashoumon) Zoro's sword (the science of IAI) and divide large object in front. Used when splitting carriage Puffing Tom.

roronoa zoro technic
Technic Roronoa Zoro
*** Science is the science of swordsmanship swordsmanship ittouryuu use a sword.

* Ittouryuu IAI: Shishi Sonson (Science wielding a sword: Song of the Lion) One sword Zoro Zoro diputarbaikkan and quickly drew his sword and attacked and then returned it. Used when defeating Dazz Bones.
* 36 Pound Cannon (Cannon 36 pound) Zoro "attack" the air so the air will turn around and attack the enemy. Mutouryuu
* Science is the science of sword without a sword, only used on the Davy Back Fight when Groggy Ring round where he was not allowed to wear guns.
* Tatsu Maki (dragon swirl) tatsu maki same as normal, only this time without the sword, used to fight the Big Pan.